Paul McCartney, Nancy Shevell Setting Up For Wedding?

Could Paul McCartney be saying 'I Do' for a third time any day now? It certainly looks like it. A tent and truck loads of party furniture and flowers are being delivered to the Beatle's house, prompting more than a few to conjecture that McCartney and his fiancee, Nancy Shevell could be walking down the aisle very soon.

The couple's intent to marry first caught the light of day when McCartney registered to tie the knot at a London town hall-- the same town hall in which he married his first wife, the late Linda Eastman -- in early September.

This will be McCartney's third marriage. His last marriage to Heather Mills ended in an extremely public and messy divorce -- she was even accused of hacking into his phone.

Check out these photos of what looks like major wedding preparation:

Paul McCartney/Nancy Shevell Wedding Set Up

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