Paul McCartney's "New" Still Holds Value for Young Listeners

I don't trust people who don't love The Beatles. I was once friends with a girl from work until she told me she didn't respect The Beatles. After that she was dead to me.

The music made by The Beatles was nothing short of genius, and the four Beatles were nothing short of geniuses themselves.

With his Beatles years far behind him, Sir Paul McCartney has time and time again proved himself as an incredible solo artist. Guinness World Records called Sir Paul "the Most Successful Composer and Recording Artist of All Time." He has given us twenty-four studio albums post-Beatles. His latest album, New, was released on October 11, 2013 with amazing reviews.

No need to be jealous, except that you have all the reason in the world to be because I have seen Sir Paul live. Yes, that is right; he performed for almost three hours at Bonnaroo this past summer. I spent every second of that time teary eyed and near seizing.

I have been lucky enough to have attended many live musical performances, and nothing compares to the bewilderment that one experiences when standing before the legend himself hearing Yesterday and Hey Jude being performed by his majesty.

After seeing Paul McCartney in the flesh and hearing his liquid gold voice, I began to look into his post-Beatles career and I liked what I found.

I have loved all of his solo albums, but his latest album is hands down in my opinion his best yet.

New is colorful and showcases Paul's never ending vat of creativity. This album is forty-six minutes of evidence that Paul is incapable of making a single song that isn't profound and catchy.

My favorite song on the album, Alligatoris what I like to call 'eternal youth.' The song has a changing melody that makes you want to skip across a flowery field and spin in circles while swaying your entire body from head to toes. Listening to Alligator removes all of your troubles and forces a smile of your face. The song, as with all of Paul's songs, has his classic sound with new modern tunes intertwined.

Alligator in particular is special from the rest of the pop sounding songs. This song combines the best of the old with the best of the new.

The title song, New, is my other favorite song from the album. This song is much less rock and roll then some of the other songs and more pop. Paul brings an edge to the song which is not found in any other song. This song is a feel good song in every sense of the word.

The song Turned Out has a much more classic rock sound while the song Early Days has a folk theme to it. The song Scared is a beautiful slow and honest ballad that rounds out the dancing mood of the catchy album.

Every song on the album has an original feel to it with Sir Paul's classic touch. This album is undoubtedly a work of art that proves that Mr. McCartney is a timeless artist who continues to create amazing music.

I highly recommend this album to anyone who likes music that makes you feel good. If you are a music hater, this is an album that I am confident would change the way you feel about music. I can not stop listening to this album and I am positive that once you listen to it, you wont be able to stop either.