Paul Pierce Calls 'Series' After Late 3-Pointer, Proceeds To Lose Game

The Washington Wizards’ Paul Pierce, trash-talk master, cut deep into the Atlanta Hawks in Game 3 of their second-round series when he said he “called game” after shooting what would become a game-winning bank shot.

On Wednesday, he went one step further, turning to the Hawks bench and yelling, “Series!” after he hit a corner three-pointer to put his team up 81-80 with just 8.3 seconds to play.

Unfortunately, 8.3 seconds remained on the clock and, in those 8.3 seconds, the Hawks came back and won the game on an Al Horford putback. The Hawks are now up 3-2 in the series. Whoops.

There’s a lesson here somewhere, although we’re not quite sure what it is, and we’re not sure if we want Pierce to learn it. Keep doing you, Paul, whether what you’re spewing is the truth or not.