Paul Rudd And Jimmy Fallon Play New Drinking Game Called 'Drinko' And ... Yikes

Frat houses across the nation just went, "Oooh, good idea!"


Frat houses across the nation just went, "Oooh, good idea!" 

On Monday, Paul Rudd dropped by "The Tonight Show" to promote his new superhero flick "Antman," and then he and Jimmy Fallon played a new drinking game called "Drinko" that hopefully won't be sweeping the nation.

Similar to the famous "Price is Right" game "Plinko," each contestant drops a disc into the machine where it bounces around until finally it falls into a slot labeled with a particular liquid, which they then must drink. 

Okay, you got the longwinded explanation of "Drinko," now go watch Jimmy Fallon drink tequila and gravy.


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