Paul Rudd, Jimmy Fallon And James Corden Are The Mean Girls Of NATO On 'SNL'

The all-star cold open took inspiration from world leaders who appeared to mock President Trump on a hot mic last week.

The “cool kids” of NATO had a message for President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend: You can’t sit with us.

Trump’s humiliation at the NATO summit last week provided fodder for the late-night sketch show’s cold open, which turned the hot mic clip featuring Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appearing to mock the president, into a “Mean Girls”-style cafeteria face-off. 

Since the limit does not exist for Alec Baldwin appearances on “SNL,” he was back to play Trump. Jimmy Fallon appeared as Trudeau, while Paul Rudd and James Corden played French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, respectively, who were also seen discussing Trump in the viral video. 

“Did you see him speak for 45 minutes the other day?” a heavily accented Rudd asks in the sketch. “It was just supposed to be for a photo.”

“Well, if I looked like him, I’d try to distract the photographer, too,” Fallon’s Trudeau jokes. 

When Baldwin’s Trump enters the room with a stack of hamburgers on his lunch tray, the trio shuns him from its table because the three don’t want to see him “talk and chew at the same time.”

They proceed to make fun of him behind his back ― and then stick an “Impeach Me!” sign directly on it ― as Trump resigns himself to eating with the decidedly not cool leader of Latvia. 

“Oh, my God, I’m at the loser table!” Baldwin’s Trump realizes. “I can’t believe they made me sit with the foreign kid.”

Kate McKinnon also appears as an Obama-loving German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who equally delights in Trump’s continued embarrassment. 

But before the teasing gets too out of hand, Cecily Strong’s Melania Trump cuts in with an anti-bullying PSA as part of her “Be Best” initiative. 

“Bullying is a serious problem ... especially against President Trump,” an always-game Strong says. 

“I’d like to tell you about Peleton. Are you a scared woman trapped inside a mansion?” she continues, referencing the much-derided holiday ad. “Why not imagine biking away from it all on Peloton?”