Paul Rudd Celebrates Kansas City Royals' Win By Getting Showered With Beer

His happy place.

Following the Kansas City Royals' victory over the New York Mets in the World Series on Sunday, funnyman and devoted Royals fan Paul Rudd got decked out in his team's gear and partied with the winning squad in their clubhouse. The win marked the Royals' first World Series title in 30 years, so naturally, it was pretty epic. 

The actor even got to take part in the team's win with what might be one of the best sports rituals ever. Yep, he was lucky enough to be doused in alcohol by the World Series champs. Lucky for us, the action was caught on video. 

As you can see below, after agreeing that he was way too dry to be celebrating properly, members of the team drenched Rudd with beer. Afterward, it was clear the "This Is 40" actor was in his happy place. 

Party on, Paul! 


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