Paul Rudd Has A Hilarious New Meme That’s As Snarky As He Is

The “Ant-Man” star delivers the world’s most sarcastic affirmation in a funny clip from “Hot Ones.”

Paul Rudd eating spicy meatless wings has become a hot new meme.

Last week, the ageless 50-year-old actor appeared on the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones.” On the show, celebrities eat progressively spicier and spicier chicken wings — or in the “Ant-Man” star’s case, spicier and spicier cauliflower — while answering questions.

During the interview, Rudd (who says he’s not a vegetarian, but is trying to “become better” about eating so much meat) and host Sean Evans talk about what makes things funny, inadvertently creating a hilarious meme in the process.

Toward the end of the interview, Rudd gets the idea to put a little bit of every sauce on a cauliflower wing and eat it. As he preps a bite that may put him “in the hospital,” the “Living with Yourself” star says, “Look at us. Hey, look at us.”

“Look at us,” Evans responds. “Who would have thought?”

“Not me,” Rudd sarcastically retorts.

Twitter users really latched on to the short exchange and with a few clever captions made it into one snarky meme that pretty much delivers the sentiment of being surprised by accomplishing a goal.

To check out some of the best spins on it, just scroll down.

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