Paul Ryan Workout Photos: See More Politicians In Baseball Caps (PHOTOS)

Stuffy D.C. types make their best attempt at looking cool.

As we were waking up in the serene light of dawn this morning, we switched on our laptops and did a double take at some photos we saw already making the rounds on Twitter. Was that... vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan? Wearing a backwards baseball cap? Pumping some super sweet iron?

Our pre-coffee haze wasn't deceiving us. The portraits came from a Time magazine profile on Ryan, who will debate Joe Biden Thursday night, and the P90X workouts he famously does to stay in shape.

Of course, being style editors, we immediately zeroed in on Ryan's chosen workout attire, which can only be described as Various Shades of Grey, as he'd ditched his trademark baggy suits for some sweats. But the crowning touch is the representative's hat: a bright red baseball cap, deftly turned backwards with some frat-tastic flair.

Ryan's super swag style got us thinking: what other politicos have donned caps? We combed through our photo archives, and it turns out that sporty hats have been quite in vogue in D.C. for decades.

Check out our findings below, including Hillary Clinton's amazing Chicago Cubs hat, which she wore in 1994, 1995 AND 1998.


Bill Clinton

Politicians Wearing Baseball Caps

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