Kid Bewilders Paul Ryan By Dabbing For Dad's Swearing-In Photo

Dad later told the speaker that his son has been grounded.

One young man just grabbed his 15 minutes of fame by “dabbing” during his father’s mock congressional swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday. 

Cal Marshall was holding the Bible between his father, newly elected Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), and House Speaker Paul Ryan. As everybody else turned to smile for the camera, Cal lifted one arm in the dance move/meme known as dabbing. 

Ryan was clearly confused by the gesture, as seen in the C-SPAN footage above. “You all right?” he asked the young man, nudging him with his arm. Still, Cal stood firmly in his dab until Ryan questioned him further.

“Can you put your hand down?” the speaker asked. “Are you gonna sneeze?”

Cal eventually lowered his arm and grinned for the official photo-op.

“Are you gonna sneeze?”
“Are you gonna sneeze?”

After the video began attracting attention and was posted to Twitter Moments, Cal tweeted that he “did not think this would happen.” Also via Twitter, Marshall assured the speaker that his son has been grounded.

Not to be left out, Ryan tweeted about the moment, admitting his bewilderment. “Just finished swearing-in photos,” he wrote. “Nearly 300 members. Countless cute kids. Still don’t get what dabbing is, though.”



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