Paul Ryan's Boast Of A 'Darn Good Legacy' Backfires Spectacularly On Twitter

Resurfaced comments come back to haunt the outgoing House speaker.

Old comments by outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) are coming back to haunt him on Twitter as he embarks on his farewell tour

Ryan in April boasted of leaving Congress with a “darn good legacy.” 

“We have done what needs to be done to get a stronger, more durable foundation under the economy,” Ryan told Politico at the time.

He said:

“We’re going to focus on getting people from welfare into jobs. And we can do this when we had a strong growing economy. And that’s a darn good legacy.” 

The comments resurfaced on Twitter, where critics lined up to offer their own thoughts on his legacy... and they weren’t quite as generous in their assessment: