Paul Ryan Reality-Checks Donald Trump Supporters With A Stark Reminder

The former House speaker explained why "anybody not named Trump" would be a better bet for the GOP in 2024.

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Tuesday doubled down on his view that Donald Trump is totally the wrong candidate to represent the GOP in the 2024 presidential election.

In an interview with Fox Business’ Stuart Varney, Ryan said the “new swing voter in American politics is the suburban voter, and it’s really clear the suburban voter doesn’t like Trump, but they like Republicans.”

“So, I think anybody not named Trump, I think is so much more likely to win the White House for us,” he added.

“We know we’re so much more likely to lose with Trump because of the fact that he is not popular with suburban voters that we’re gonna want to win,” Ryan said.

Ryan pointed to Republican losses under Trump: “We lost the House, the Senate, the White House in the space of two years. I don’t want to repeat that. I want to win.”

Earlier this month, Ryan said “the only reason” Trump holds sway “is because everybody’s afraid of him” and “afraid of him going after them, hurting their own ambition.”

Ryan, who has enjoyed a fraught relationship with Trump, predicted the GOP can win control of the House in next month’s midterm elections, and said he felt “pretty good as well” about Republicans taking the Senate.

Watch the interview here:

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