Paul Ryan's Congress Boast About 'Doers' Misses The Mark With Angry Twitter Users

"And climate change isn't real, Trump isn't a racist and truth isn't truth."

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) drew backlash on Twitter after he boasted about the Republican-controlled Congress being full of “doers.”

Ryan sparked ire over a video shared Monday in which he sought to distinguish between two types of congressmen and congresswomen — whom he dubbed “be-ers” and “doers.”

“Be-ers,” Ryan explained, were “people who come to be somebody, to be called Congressman, to have a title, to have a lapel pin, and to be important, to be in the press. To be, not to do.”

Check out the video here:

Ryan characterized “doers,” meanwhile, as “people who actually believe in principles, ideas and want to fight for those ideas no matter the consequences.”

He said the current GOP-controlled House and Senate are full of “doers” who “want to do the right thing for the right reasons” and are “willing to lose their seat over it.”

“The most important thing for people here is not to get re-elected, it’s to get something done,” he added.

Ryan’s summation did not go over well with many users on Twitter, however, who suggested he give GOP lawmakers a less-flattering title.