Paul Ryan: Jon Stewart Is The Funniest Person In America, According To 2011 Interview

Jon Stewart has an unlikely fan: Republican vice presidential contender Rep. Paul Ryan.

In a 2011 interview with Local Vision TV's Tony Huml (who went to high school with Ryan), Huml deadpans a number of joke questions to the congressman. When Huml asks him to name the funniest person in America, Ryan first responds with Huml himself, but then mentions the liberal "Daily Show" host.

"This may sound funny coming from me, but I'd say Jon Stewart," Ryan said with a laugh. He went on to say that Stewart's jokes at his expense were done "tastefully."

Although he is known as an extremely conservative politician, Ryan has gotten off relatively easy by "Daily Show" standards. In episodes where Stewart joked about Ryan's budget plan last summer, he also poked fun at the media fawning of Ryan's good looks, calling him a "Wisconsin dreamboat" and the head of the "Hunk Budget Committee."

Ryan has yet to go on "The Daily Show," but hopefully, we'll see him as a guest on his favorite comedy show during this election season.

Check out Local Vision TV for the full interview with Ryan, and stick around for stories about prom and grade-school basketball.



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