Tweeters Roast 'Hypocrite' Paul Ryan Over 'Tribalism Is Morally Wrong' Comments

"There was no one, over the past two years, better positioned to combat those things than you, dude, and you were too cowardly and craven to do it."

Some Twitter users labeled House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) a “hypocrite” on Wednesday after he called identity politics and tribalism “morally wrong.”

“Twenty-first-century technology has proven that tribalism and identity politics is effective. More to the point, which is even worse, people make money off of it,” Ryan said at a WisPolitics Q&A in the Capitol.

“Internet, money has proven identity politics and tribalism works. It’s politically effective. It’s morally wrong, but it’s politically effective,” he added. “What bothers me is it’s being practiced on both sides: the right and the left.”

Check out Ryan’s comments from the 24-minute mark here:

Tweeters called out Ryan for being “complicit” with President Donald Trump’s administration, which they said had done more to push forward tribalism and identity politics than anyone else: