Paul Ryan's Tea Party Challenger Plays The Man Card

The speaker of the House has his first serious primary challenge from a motorcycle-riding businessman who wants to arm wrestle.

WASHINGTON -- A tea-partying, motorcycle-riding businessman isn't just challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for his job in Congress -- Paul Nehlen wants to test Ryan's arm-wrestling prowess, too.

That's the kicker of a new video (above) released by Nehlen and his campaign Thursday that seems just embarrassing enough to get traction on Youtube.

In it, Nehlen is seen riding his motorcycle past varying scenes of Wisconsin and flexing his tattooed triceps before strolling onto a factory floor and criticizing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that Ryan pushed hard for, calling it a job-killer.

"Mr. Speaker, you championed this trade deal. Why don't you come back to Wisconsin and debate me, man-to-man and face-to-face, on the realities of TPP," Nehlen says in the 90-second spot, before getting all mano a mano. 

"And if you don't want to debate me, maybe we can arm wrestle," Nehlen concludes.

Nehlen is likely aware that Ryan is famously fit, thanks to his fondness for grueling P90X routines.

The challenger's campaign was only formed in late March, and there were no financial filings available to hint at any financial support for the insurgency. Ryan had about $7.7 million in his campaign account, according to his most recent filing.

The primary is set for Aug. 9.