'Paul Ryan Shirtless' Googled More Than His Budget Plan (PHOTO)

It would appear people are more interested in Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wisc.) upper body than in his budget plan.

Writing for The New York Times' Campaign Stops blog, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz reports that Google searches for "Paul Ryan shirtless" are nine times more frequent than searches for "Paul Ryan budget."

The vice presidential nominee's 98-page budget plan calls for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, as well as drastic changes to food stamp programs and medicare, among other things.

Last month, searches for "Paul Ryan shirtless" skyrocketed the day after the vice presidential debate, with searches for the phrase outnumbering searches for "Paul Ryan budget" 100 to one, according to Google Trends, a tool that measures search interest among Google users.

Another piece of information that Stephens-Davidowitz reports is that the "shirtless" searches come more frequently from states that lean Democratic.

Click over to The New York Times for more data related to searches for President Barack Obama, the first lady and Mitt Romney's underwear. And click here for more on Ryan's shirtless photos.



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