Paul Ryan Gets John Boehner To Sign House Speaker Permission Slip

"Speaker? Of the whole wide House?? Gee whiz!"

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) inched a step closer to the House Speaker position by getting outgoing speaker John Boehner to sign the required permission slip.

Ryan quietly knocked on Boehner's study door Thursday afternoon, and then shyly entered upon hearing what sounded like affirmative grumbling. 

Boehner looked over his newspaper and reading glasses at Ryan holding out the permission slip. Boehner studied the half sheet of paper, then the young Wisconsinite.

"Speaker, huh?"

"Yeah," squeaked Ryan, who took a seat, drying his sweaty hands on his jeans. 

"Well," Boehner sighed, removing his glasses. "I suppose." He pulled a pen from his shirt pocket, clicked the end and signed the form.

He tossed the paper back into Ryan's hands and sank back into his chair. 

"Thanks, Mr. Boehner!" yelled Ryan already sprinting out the door. Boehner groaned something quiet and indiscernible back.


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