Paul Ryan the latest "principled" Republican to cave in to Trump.

Yesterday Paul Ryan became the latest Republican who put the interests of the GOP before common sense and human dignity. He joins Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and the retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson among others in a long list of Trumps so-called enemies who have completely abandoned their morals and thrown their support behind the presumptive Republican nominee, the bigoted, sexist, Islamophobic short-fingered vulgarian himself Donald John Trump.

I can see Old DJT now, pursing his lips on his odd looking orange face, holding up his three little digits in the air making a circle with his thumb and forefinger, heaping the praise on his new BFF Paul Ryan. "We're going to Make America Great Again!" Don shouts to a crowd of adoring bat-shit crazy conservative Christians, people of low morals, and racist white nationalists. They shove copies of Playboy and Art of the Deal books in his face clamoring to get an autograph and a closer look at their reality TV and gossip rag hero.

With every new endorsement garnered by Trump the Republican Party loses credibility leaving no trace of the once great party led by none other than Abraham Lincoln himself. What happened to the GOP? How did they get here?

Theodore Roosevelt created the National Parks, Dwight D Eisenhower desegregated schools and created the interstate highway system, Calvin Coolidge made the Hoover Dam a reality and Lincoln freed the slaves. Then Reagan moved in to the White House, tore the solar panels off the roof and it has only gotten progressively worse from there. Whether Trump wins or not, the fact he's this close to the presidency is proof that the destruction of the once great Republican Party is now complete. The GOP is dead and Donald J. Trump is its Grim Reaper.