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Television Pioneer Paul Shavelson Talks Mayans, John Edward and Cancer

"One should crystalize their life in a tangible way. Journal your dreams, so you don't loose them."
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I am continuing my interview with Paul Shavelson from my last post, where I continued my conversation with the television guru and executive producing story-teller. We go deeper into his life, and the candidness of it all showcasing that the Mayans indeed never finished their work. There is no doomsday coming as popular subject matter propelled this into what it has become. As with anything in life, you start that gossip train, and when it comes to its stop, no one knows what was what, and the truth dissipates into an ugly monster everyone is running away from. Paul even had a chance to work with the popular show Ghost Hunters for SyFy as they had a nice relationship, but Paul felt that the real message was not or should not be based off of fear, but rather education, love and further research covering many aspects to the field.

On his wife:

Paul describes her as "the incredible quadruple threat (model, singer, actress, dancer) Rebecca Dorsey, my soul match. We were both living out our dreams and beyond in New York City, personified by the joy of parenting our precious new daughter, Aria. I was producing and directing specials called Celebrity Dish on the Food Network and producing syndicated how-to news spots for Good Housekeeping."

I first offered my condolences to Paul because it's what we do as human beings, and the mere fact it's only been a few months must be so raw and right there for him. I felt sad. I asked stupidly "How are you?" to which he warmly replied, "Good as possible. Out of shock. Into denial." He goes on to describe to me that "At any given moment I feel like Rebecca is going to walk through the house. I take nothing for granted. I'm thankful and grateful for our kids, mission and for our 25 years together." Paul tells me that everyone should keep a journal because as he learned from this book, journaling saved him. "It's a 360 degree perspective on time. I have a life. I have a career. But you forget."

"One should crystalize their life in a tangible way. Journal your dreams, so you don't loose them," Paul says, nothing that often times then less we do this in the form of a crisis. We shouldn't wait for a crisis to occur, we should journal now. Paul speaks angelically and fondly of Rebecca as a mother, he says that, "She was an amazing mom. Her spirit, going to games and giving up her career for each kid."

On her cancer:

I am still sleepy enough that I can almost trick myself into almost believing it is just a recurring nightmare. I'm not buying into the false optimism. Writing this book, and contemplating the relationship between my words and her illness, keeps my mind working in overtime all day, until we pass out again at night. I can only imagine what she's thinking -- in her drug-infused state.

On Mercury Retrograde and doctor speak:

Although not experienced in medical procedures, I am experienced in Mercury retrograde bullshit." He had become desensitized, which he says is "crippling." Cancer can affect your physical body but it can't affect your spiritual body." Paul has come to accept and learn.

Paul's mantra is to "grasp one day at a time, once again for lack of a better plan," explaining that there is indeed a ripple effect. His wife Rebecca passed away four months ago. "I know there are no accidents, but that doesn't make the inevitable any easier," he said. Famed Psychic Medium and family friend John Edward gave Pauls wife her last interview. You can go 'Like' Rebecca's page here.

Paul remarks on the topic of the deep belief of the Higher Self, which the Mayan scribes etch in stone and follow quite seriously to the death, much anticipated Mayan 2012 prophecy.

I discovered in my research that the wall drawings and glyphs discovered in Central America signify mostly ceremonial behavior and not everyday Mayan life. Almost all their treasured books were destroyed if not before, then during the Spanish conquest, so archaeologists primarily have only artifacts to sift through and cave walls to read. So recorded Mayan belief has to be a little off, don't you think?

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