Paul Simon Stumps, Sings For Chris Dodd

Here's a pair of strange bedfellows to rival
Tommy Lee Jones
Al Gore
: Turns out
Paul Simon
Chris Dodd
are friends from way back when, specifically from 20 years ago when they met in Czechoslovakia, introduced by SNL creator
Lorne Michaels
as part of an American delegation to supervise the first free Czech elections ("our job was to go around to polling stations and ask people if they were being coerced") and they ended up palling around with
Vaclav Havel
just as he was being elected President (
John McCain
— Czekoslovakia, not the Dodd event). (
indeed: Simon and Michaels plus SNL alum
Steve Martin
and Simon's wife
Edie Brickell
.) Simon seems to be getting the
on this leg of the stump, but it's got to be a bit of a bump for Dodd, surely a better publicity gambit than complaining about
. The clips are just-uploaded — the Simon introduction has just over 521 viewings at the time of this writing and the song clip a mere 60 — but they have a good chance of being picked up, passed around and talked about. Is it optimal that the entertainment should overshadown the candidate? Of course not, but it's not like Dodd is exactly gunning for first place on his own. Every little bit helps.
's Simon's version of the Czech story (cut off just before Dodd takes the mike — by the Dodd campaign!); above is a clip of Simon adapting the words of "Mrs. Robinson" to his friend, Chris Dodd — candidate and Red Sox fan.