Paul The Octopus STUNS Germany, Picks Spain To Win World Cup Semifinals (PHOTOS)

SHOCK: Psychic Octopus Stuns Home Country With Latest World Cup Pick

Paul, a brilliant German octopus, has impressed fans worldwide with his uncanny ability to correctly predict the outcome of Germany's World Cup games by choosing between two savory snacks. Most recently, the omniscient octopus selected the Germans to beat favored Argentina. He was right again, improving his track record to an unbelievable five for five.

The miraculous mollusk's prophetic prognostications even generated an online hoax, with an unsophisticated Photoshopper forging a sham Paul pick.

Now, however, the eight-legged oracle has made his latest selection -- and Germany is in for a true shock. Paul believes World Cup favorite Spain will defeat their German opponents. The last time Paul predicted a German loss, the team was upset by Serbia. This time, if Germany loses, they will be eliminated. While a victory would send them to the World Cup championship game, Paul has not been wrong yet.

Perhaps most agonizing for German fans is that Paul momentarily hovered over the his home country's box before slithering sideways to munch on the mussel representing Spain. Even as he picked the Spaniards to win, Paul still showed his affection for Germany by dangling several tentacles over the German box while he scarfed down the Spanish snack. Scroll down for photos and video of the sage of the sea making his bold pick and enjoying his tasty treat.


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