Paula Broadwell Sorry For David Petraeus Scandal (VIDEO)

Biographer Paula Broadwell said she's sorry for her involvement in the scandal surrounding former CIA Director David Petraeus, who was forced to resign after news of their extramarital affair came to light in November 2012.

"I have remorse for the harm that this has caused, the sadness it has caused my family and other families," Broadwell told WSOC in her first sit-down interview since news of the affair broke.

Broadwell admits the scandal surrounding the affair was "devastating," but said her "awesome family" and "wonderful community" have helped with her "rehabilitation.

"I'm not focused on the past," Broadwell said. "It was a devastating period for our family. We still have some healing to do. We're very focused on how can we continue to contribute and use this for the greater good to do something good in the next chapter."

Broadwell, who told News 14 Carolina in May she was focusing on her faith and her family after the scandal, said she's working to move on from the incident.

"Even when you've made mistakes in life you can still contribute and pick up the stuff and move on," Broadwell told WSOC.

Broadwell's not the only one to speak out about regrets after the affair. In March 2013, Petraeus apologized for the affair that he said "caused such pain for my family, friends and supporters."

"I know I can never fully assuage the pain that I inflicted on those closest to me and a number of others," Petreaus told the crowd at the University of Southern California's annual ROTC dinner.

In May 2013, the University of Southern California announced that the retired general would join the faculty to teach classes and mentor ROTC members. Petraeus is also acting as a visiting professor at the City University of New York.



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