Paula Deen's Chickens May Violate Savannah Zoning Laws, Face Eviction

Since rescuing a group of female heritage-breed chickens in 2010, Paula Deen has become a hen-evangelist. She loves her chickens for the soft feathers and the "farm-fresh eggs" they lay. "If you have the opportunity, get out in your yard and build your little chicken coop," she said in a web video introducing her brood. "Because they're just wonderful, calming animals to have around."

County zoning officials apparently don't feel the same way.

According to the Savannah Morning News, Paula Deen's chickens face eviction from their Wilmington Island, GA home. Chickens are allowed in agricultural areas in the Savannah area, but Deen's house is not in one. So when neighbors complained about chickens being kept by another Wilmington Island resident, the county Zoning Administration took action. They issued a letter to the offending resident, and have said that they plan to investigate other infractions, including, potentially, the one at Deen's house.