Paula Deen: Clothing Line Is In The Works

Paula Deen already has a lucrative empire based on her Southern charm and cooking. Those seeking to partake in the Paula lifestyle can read her cookbooks, watch her TV shows, eat in her restaurants and slather her decadently-flavored lip balms all over their mouths. But the more products the Empress of Butter serves up, the hungrier the public seems. So last night, Paula announced that she was obliging the clamorous hordes yet again -- this time with a Paula Deen clothing line.

Paula revealed this new frontier on Jay Leno's Tonight Show on Sunday while wearing one of her own creations, a sparkly black top. She doesn't reveal many details on the clothing line, though she does say she's excited.

Here's a clip from her appearance:

Things got a little bawdy; there's a reference to vibrators, and Paula gets a "terrible urge" to kiss Leno. Leno makes a lot of Paula's recent coronation as the world's hottest female chef by Maxim.

Paula chalks her Maxim honor to her ability to get to a man through his stomach. But if her future as a clothing designer holds any promise, let's hope she being modest, and also knows how to appeal to the eyes using good clothing.

Want to a piece of Paula's style right away? You're in luck. You can already buy Paula-branded reading glasses in shades like Light Rose and Coffee on Strengths below 2.50 are even on sale for $34.99.

To get an idea of what her clothes might be like, we've assembled pictures of some of most distintive outfits Paula's worn over the past few years.

Paula Deen Clothes