Paula Deen Cruise Line Lands In Hot Water Over Mean Tweets

Paula Deen Cruise Hits Troubled Water

On Sunday, the Paula Deen cruise line completed its fifth voyage on the open seas, after going from Galveston, Texas to Cozumel, Mexico and back again.

But it wasn't all smooth sailing for Deen and company, to judge by a series of jokingly angry Tweets from Deen's assistant Brandon Branch. The New York Post reports that Branch Tweeted complaints about the trip several times after setting sail on January 27.

In one Tweet, Branch allegedly compared the ship to a "floating nursing home" and asked someone to come save him. The last Tweet the New York Post captured read "Over this cruise! Trapped! Crazied! Help!!!!" Gothamist has a full list of the Tweets Branch allegedly posted near the beginning of his trip.

Yet by the time we caught wind of this story, Branch's Twitter account had already been scrubbed clean of any sour posts. There was a tell-tale blank spot between Jan. 27, when Branch Tweeted "Sailing away. I will tweet when I can." and Feb. 1, when he wrote "Just bought @nancymccarley something fancy in Mexico!" All the subsequent Tweets in January are extremely positive about the trip -- suspicious positive, wethinks. Here's the last cruise-related message Branch posted:

We're not sure Branch should count his complimentary cruise tickets before they hatch. If his fellow passengers get angry enough about his alleged nasty screed, he might not be invited back!

CORRECTION: This article has been amended to reflect that the cruise set sail January 27, not September 27.

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