NYSC Ad Makes Light Of Paula Deen's Diabetes, Jokes About Her Death

Does This Paula Deen Ad Go Too Far?

The New York-based gym chain, New York Sports Club took out an ad in the Jan. 25 edition of the New York Times that turned into news itself: the text read, "Paula, you made a fortune off of fat. Call us if you want to be around to enjoy it."

They were referring, of course, to Paula Deen -- the controversial Food Network star who is best known for her high-fat, high-sugar riffs on Southern comfort food. Last week, Deen revealed that she has been living with Type 2 diabetes for the past three years, drawing criticism from colleagues and viewers alike for concealing the condition while promoting unhealthy foods that are particularly dangerous for diabetes sufferers. What's more, many questioned her motivation for speaking out, given her timing. While announcing her condition, Deen also revealed that she'd signed a multi-million dollar deal with pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk to promote their diabetes drug, Victoza. What's more, reported Business Insider, she has continued to profit from peddling diabetes-inappropriate fare, making an estimated $30 million during the period between her diagnosis and her public statement about the disorder.

And she fell under even more scrutiny today after images of her recent cheeseburger lunch made their way onto the Internet.

But an advertisement alluding to Deen's ultimate demise? Those very same critics have come out to condemn the ad. "Does she deserve criticism? Absolutely. But this kind of vulture marketing is f--king tasteless," wrote the popular blogger, Copyranter. Agreed Laura Stampler at Business Insider: "This tasteless ad crosses the line."

So what do you think? Is NYSC's ad in poor taste? And read what some of you said on Twitter about the ad:

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