Paula Deen Fans Direct Anger At The Wrong Smithfield On Facebook

OOPS! Angry Paula Deen Fans Target The Wrong Company

Paula Deen supporters have directed their wrath at Smithfield’s Bar-B-Q over its decision to drop her as a spokesperson. One small problem: The restaurant never fired the former Food Network star, because she never worked for them in the first place.

See, it was pork producer Smithfield Foods that announced earlier this week the company would be dropping Deen as a spokesperson in light of recent revelations surrounding past racist comments. But angry Deen fans mixed the two companies up and took to Facebook and Twitter to wrongly slam Smithfield’s Chicken N’ Bar-B-Q:

paul deen screenshot

paul deen screenshot 1

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The Food Network, Smithfield Foods and others moved to drop Deen after the National Enquirer revealed she admitted to using racial slurs and once expressed interest in hiring black waiters dressed to look like "slaves." The decision to drop Deen led massive numbers of her fans to express their support for the star on Facebook, Twitter and other outlets.

Sadly for Smithfield’s Bar-B-Q, this has happened before. After Smithfield Foods announced it was being acquired by a Chinese company, the BBQ joint’s Facebook page was hit with angry comments as well, leading to a need for clarification.

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