Paula Deen Episodes Featuring Her High-Fat Cooking To Run On Food Network

Paula Deen wants the whole world to know that she dropped a whopping 30 pounds since she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, as her cover story in the latest People suggests. Not everyone is thrilled to see the new lean Deen, however.

"Paula has shot and delivered episodes of her Food Network Show that would take her show through all of 2012," one food-industry insider told me, referring to "Paula's Best Dishes." "The only problem with this is that they [were] all shot and delivered before her big announcement and before she started changing her eating habits."

So now, one of the network's biggest stars has left them with no alternative, other than airing new episodes that feature the old Paula and her previously indulgent style of cooking.

"I do think differently now" about food, Deen told People. "I'm more aware."

Deen found out she had diabetes almost three years ago and faced tough backlash for not having said anything sooner -- and may face further criticism if episodes featuring her high-fat cooking air through the end of 2012.

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