Trump Adviser Paula White Wants Money For Her Fake Coronavirus 'Hospital’

She's asking followers to send "seed" money in honor of a Bible passage that promises protection against pestilence and plague.

Paula White, the evangelical pastor and spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump, says her ministry is like a hospital and is asking people to send her money for it.

Except it’s not a real hospital.

“We are a hospital to the sick,” White said over piano music during an online coronavirus prayer session, quickly adding that it’s for “not necessarily the physically sick.”

“We are a hospital for those who are soul-sick, those who are spiritually sick,” she said.

White, who leads Trump’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative, then asked followers for “seed” money. For those who espouse the so-called prosperity gospel, that typically means giving money in the belief that some form of larger prosperity will then be returned to the giver.

“Maybe you’d like to send a $91 seed, and that’s just putting your faith with Psalm 91,” she said. That psalm refers to being saved from “deadly pestilence” and “plague.”

White also suggested sending $9 or “whatever God tells you to do,” adding: “Don’t forget, now is not the time to abandon your covenant with God. It’s a time that you go deeper. Stand with your pastor.”

The clip was posted online by the Friendly Atheist blog:

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