Paulina Porizkova Explains Why The Dating Pool At 57 Is More Like A ‘Dirty Little Puddle’

The supermodel had a very funny take on romantic prospects later in life.
Paulina Porizkova walks the runway during New York Fashion Week in 2019.
Paulina Porizkova walks the runway during New York Fashion Week in 2019.
Victor VIRGILE via Getty Images

Great news, single ladies! Online dating also blows when you get older — even if you’re a supermodel.

At least, that’s according to Paulina Porizkova. In an episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk” show Wednesday, Porizkova — best known as a Sports Illustrated cover star in the 1980s who went on to score a coveted Estée Lauder contract — hilariously spoke about her current state of singledom.

“Now I’m 57, and I’m in the dating pool,” Porizkova said about 30 minutes into the episode, streaming on Facebook Watch.

“What is that like?” Pinkett Smith asked, to which Porizkova responded plainly, “It’s a small pool — dirty little puddle.”

She then elaborated on why online dating, especially for older people, “sucks.” According to Porizkova, it’s because there are very limited options.

“It turns out that on the dating apps, men our age ... that are willing to sleep with women our age have slept with all my girlfriends already,” she said.

“There’s like these five guys we keep passing around. And they’re like: ‘So did you sleep with him yet?’ ‘Yeah don’t bother.’ ‘OK, cool thanks,’” Porizkova said, imitating conversations she has with her friends.

This is not the first time Porizkova has complained about dating. When People magazine asked her in April to describe her romantic life, Porizkova responded with one simple word: “Crap!”

The supermodel famously married Ric Ocasek, the lead singer of the Cars, in 1989 after the two worked together on the 1984 music video “Drive,” in which Porizkova co-starred.

The couple separated in 2017, but Porizkova maintained on “Red Table Talk” and in the new memoir “No Filter” that she continued living with and caring for Ocasek even after they split. In 2019, she found him dead in his bedroom amid his recovery from a surgery.

At the time of Ocasek’s death, the two were in the process of filing for divorce. Porizkova was surprised to later learn that the singer had disinherited her in his will, alleging that before his surgery she had “abandoned” him.

Ric Ocasek with Porizkova in 2001.
Ric Ocasek with Porizkova in 2001.
Evan Agostini via Getty Images

During her appearance on Red Table Talk, Porizkova spoke openly about their marriage and the stresses of dating a rock star — tying in with what Porizkova described as her other romantic woe.

The model said she’s only ever dated famous people, adding that her friends think the former first lady of the Cars should switch gears and seek out “real people, real men that are going to respect you.”

Porizkova said she has tried. To hear what she has to say about the presumed move from Raya to Bumble, check out the full interview above.

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