Paulina Rubio Captured Urinating At Sea By Paparazzo, Star Releases Images Via Twitter (NSFW PHOTOS)

Paulina Rubio isn’t angry... she’s furious after a paparazzo captured the Mexican pop queen urinating at sea, not quite in the water, but literally from her yacht in Miami Beach.

(Images Below NSFW)

The 42-year-old took matters into her own hands and published the pictures on her Twitter account, preferring to release the images herself rather than pay a paparazzo not to do so.

“The latest extortion attempt by the Papparazzi, a woman can’t go to the bathroom at sea. What is that worth?! I say nothing!” Rubio wrote in the tweet.

Immediately fans came out to support her and congratulate her for not succumbing to the extortion and deciding to distribute the not so glamorous photos herself.

This isn’t the first time ‘La Chica Dorada’ runs into trouble with a paparazzo. In 2008, the star was sued after allegedly attacking a photographer with a purse.



Paulina Rubio Is Fierce