Pauly Shore Goes From Mob Family To Moonshine On CMT's 'Whiskey Business' (VIDEO)

For members of Generation X, Pauly Shore will forever be remembered as "The Weasel" from MTV. In the mid-'90s he parlayed that success into a string of movies where he essentially played the same wacky, California-laid back character. But since that time, he's expanded into other types of roles, like his latest as the son of a mobster who runs away to the country in "Whiskey Business" (Sun., 7 p.m. ET on CMT).

The original movie has the now 44-year old actor playing Nicky Ferelli, a guy who runs from his mob family -- where he's been framed for murder -- and finds himself in a small town down south. He uses his skills from back home as a flair bartender to make some impressive moonshine, which gets him on the radar of the local law enforcement, led by the Sheriff, played by John Schneider.

In an interview with, Shore described the movie as "'Son in Law' meets 'Jersey Shore' meets 'Cocktail.' The film, which also stars Tanya Tucker, never takes itself too seriously. That's something of a standard with Pauly Shore, who's made a career out of not taking life too seriously.

His next project sees him working with Showtime. "Paulytics" is a special that blends his current stand-up comedy work with bits featuring him running around Washington getting into trouble. It's expected to air around the election at the end of this year. Fans of "The Weasel" on MTV back in the day will remember how good Shore is at that.

"Whiskey Business" aired Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on CMT.

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