Pavel Durov, Russian Millionaire, Throws Money Paper Planes Onto Passersby In St Petersburg

05/30/2012 08:49pm ET | Updated June 1, 2012

While Mark Zuckerberg is failing to leave tips at restaurants on his honeymoon in Rome, his Russian counterpart is doing just the opposite.

According to a report from Russia Today, Pavel Durov, owner and CEO of the popular Russian social networking site VKontakte, the 27-year-old millionaire threw paper planes made out of 5,000 ruble notes from his office window over the weekend.

In total, Durov threw out $2,000 worth of money onto a crowd of people in central St. Petersburg. Not surprisingly, a fight broke out among the throng of people clutching for the bills.

This isn't the first headline grabbing act from Durov, who is said to be worth over $260 million. Recently, he published a manifesto spelling out how to turn Russia into a booming economy.

Two of Durov's ideas from the manifesto include abolishing Russia's national currency and allowing foreign interests to purchase state land, reports Business Insider.

Correction: An original version of this story misspelled the word for Russia's currency. In fact, the unit of Russian currency is the ruble.

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