PAVEMENT Occupies LA: 11.05/06.2011 (VIDEO w/ Bill Maher)

PAVEMENT Occupies LA: 11.05/06.2011 (VIDEO w/ Bill Maher)
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The occupation at City Hall in Los Angeles can best be described in terms of digestion; the People have coughed up a big hairball on the Mayor's front lawn.

Deep in the inner sanctum of the movement among the post apocalyptic urban gorilla ravers are a core of focused activist working on a wide range of committees embracing many causes forwarding an agenda that has resulting in specific action.

At two recent marches some protesters took to the street in big numbers; one on Thursday aimed at ending police brutality in solidarity with Oakland and in support of a general strike, the other on November 5, Bank Transfer Day, yesterday at California Plaza in the financial district to urge people to move their money from the banks to credit unions.

Bill Maher is one of the very few recognizable faces in the crowd of the orphan of the larger Occupy movement that has been largely ignored, dismissed be the media. The Michael Jackson trial nearing closure there is a possibility that there will be coverage of more than the sideshow.

The camp on the south lawn of City Hall in Los Angeles includes an organic migration of homeless people from the human zoo of skid row a block away. Moths to the flame, they are symptomatic of corrupt American economic system that is driving the Occupy movement.

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