Paws on Wheels Presents: 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Paws on Wheels Presents: 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
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Buying a car is an important decision and one that tends to be based on the answers to a multitude of questions. How well does the car handle while driving off road? What type of city and highway mileage can I expect? What is the size and performance capabilities of the engine?

The answers to these questions can be found in a million and one car reviews today. They are the standard questions that car buyers are asking and therefore the ones you read about. These questions and answers pertain to the average car buyer who may be buying just for themselves or for part of the family. But what about your pets? Are they not also members of the family? Shouldn't their well-being play a part when composing your car buying matrix?

That's where we can help. Paws on Wheels is a new car review platform from the pet owner perspective. The partnership was formed between Bumper2Bumpertv, an established car review blog and TV channel with over twenty years of experience, and Petopia, an online web platform and resource guide for pet owners. As pet owners and pet enthusiasts, the founders of Paws on Wheels understand the challenges of buying a car suitable for you, your family, other passengers, pets, and luggage. We have established five categories that will help ease your decision and the information provided will answer those questions that you may not have initially considered. What size dog can fit into the back seat or cargo space? Will I be able to fit both my cat carrier and dog in the car together without being seated next to each other? Will I be able to tow my horse trailer?

Once these pet considerations are taken into account, the answers to your initial questions can also be answered through our forum. Each review includes a video or article that provides you with the complete overview of the car features, performance, design, and more! In this review, Paws on Wheels presents the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport - a sporty SUV ready to transport you and your pets to your next adventure.

The SUV has 41.6" of legroom in the front and 36.3" in the rear which is enough to put small pet carriers on the floor in either case. The cargo height is 31" from the ground which may be difficult for small and older dogs to access easily. Ventilation on hot and cold days isn't an issue due to the advanced automatic climate control system which adjusts fan speed, air source, and temperature. In addition, the model tested came equipped with a sunroof which allows you to enjoy the feel of the outside air. The design is also equipped for optional roof racks which can come in handy when transporting large pieces of luggage and pet equipment.

The SUV is designed to comfortably seat up to 5 passengers. This means that while your Shih Tzu is resting in the front seat, your Golden Retriever can easily stretch out in the back, and you still have space in the cargo area for your luggage, dog bowls, and pet accessories. When the rear seats are upright the cargo area is 21.7 cubic feet, and 49.5 cubic feet with rear seats folded down.

Fabric seat coverings come standard on the SUV which can be difficult when cleaning stains and removing pet pair, and may tear when scratched.

While the SUV handles well and has a lighter feel when driving than some competing vehicles, it's lacking in advanced safety features like lane departure warning and advanced emergency breaking systems.

The SUV is equipped with a 2.4L four cylinder engine; 168 HP; 167 lb-ft, but the power is not sufficient for towing. The SUV has a respectable performance when it comes to fuel and obtains 25 mpg for city and highway driving combined.

The perfect paws on wheels rating is 25 out of 25. Overall the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport received a score of 19/25 which results in a 4 Paw-Friendly rating.

  1. Overall the SUV has adequate space and a pet friendly design, and the only drawback is the height of the cargo area which may be difficult for small and older dogs to access. This is why we deducted 1 Paw from the Design & Pet Accessibility Features category.

  • No qualms about the cargo space since pets of different sizes and types can fit comfortably into the SUV and still leave room for luggage and equipment. Therefore 0 Paws were deducted from the Pet Cabin Capacity category.
  • While the standard fabric seating contributes to keeping the overall costs down, it still may not be the best solution for resisting stains and scratches. This is why we deducted 2 Paws from the Hair/ Stain Removal, & Scratch Resistance category.
  • The handling on this SUV is rated as adequate for this type of vehicle, but we were surprised at the lack of advanced safety features. However the SUV did receive a 4/5 stars for government crash testing and comes equipped with other safety features like driver knee air bags. This is why we deducted 1 Paw from the Handling & Safety Features category.
  • Lastly, while the engine capacity provides sufficient power to maneuver in various terrains, it's unfortunate that it's not built for towing. This is why we deducted 2 Paws from the Performance & Towing Capabilities category.
  • 2016-11-06-1478415033-1725721-Rating4_400pix.jpg
    Final score of 19/25 results in a 4 Paw-Friendly rating

    According to Bumper2Bumpertv, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport comes with a lot of good basic content but falls short in the area of advanced safety technology. Overall this SUV is well suited for people with pets of various types and sizes, and their dynamic lifestyle. And considering the competitive market, offers a good quality price ratio. Click here to watch the complete review of the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport from Bumper2Bumpertv

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