Pay Attention to the Messages


We're receiving a lot of messages from various sources these days. Some telling us the world is progressing forward, while others are certain the world is heading backwards. The news that is truly of value is that which resonates in our hearts; however, we're finding it quite difficult to keep our egos out of it. Remember, the ego walks a very fine line and actually can disguise itself to look like our "feelings." And even though particular views and beliefs may be what we feel we stand for in our hearts, are we taking the messages we hear too far? Have we convinced ourselves that our information is the only information, and that, it's our job to force that "information" on one another? If we have to be right, then haven't our egos surely taken over?

It's of the utmost importance at this point in history that we be alert and take a step back from the chaotic, opposing energies surrounding us daily. There are always two sides to every story, and the truth undoubtedly lies somewhere in between. Look deeper and pay attention. Messages of truths AND messages of untruths are all around. Open your eyes and ears to these three ways of deciphering the messages you're receiving:

1. Question Everything

Dig. Do your own research. Never accept a situation or person at face value. All may not be as it seems. Is there more to the story than what you are being told? Do you believe everything you hear? Do you need to follow someone else or can you make up your own mind? Are they revealing the truth or are they masters at concealing it? Do the people you place all of your trust in have ulterior motives behind the scenes? Are you following a person based on blind faith and outer appearances, or do you have all the facts? Each of us must decide for ourselves.

2. Pretend Caring

The unawakened ego needs to prove to others how caring and unselfish it is. Ask yourself what the motivation or incentive is for someone who is all about caring. Could they be promoting themselves as "caring" based on some goal, aside from wanting to help another? Be it a corporation trying to sell you a product, or a politician trying to gain your allegiance, the true goals may actually be financial or power-driven. Maybe there is something more useful to them (not you) going on in the background. Who and what is it that they really care about? Are they standing up for a cause by sending love and peace to support it, or are they mainly sending anger and hate against its opposition? One cannot promote love while striking out in anger or being lead by greed. Neither loud, angry people nor people who are quietly in service to themselves create a peaceful, caring world.

3. Control through Fear

Seeing anything or anyone as 100% good or 100% bad is placing a judgment and a label on it that is based in separation and individual perception. Every person is at a different level of awareness, so our perceptions are highly individualistic. For instance, a more unaware individual is more apt to be fearful, which only perpetuates the belief in the fear by adding energy to it. Whenever one feels fear, it is a sign that the person has given their power away. They are unable to recognize that fear is a means of control by others. When they're afraid, they allow other people and events to control them, through confusion and division. The truth of the matter is, no person and no thing has more control over your life than you do, so there is nothing to fear. Your power lies in the light that you hold inside, which you bring to the world, but if you forget that you indeed have that infinite power, then you fall prey to fear and the belief in some other human being or leader or corporation or whatever to "save" you.

Unplug from the television and your smartphone for a moment and look within for the answers...they are there. Trust your intuition: the messages of your heart. You will not find truth anywhere else.