Pay It Forward Through Intentional Living & Heal the World


Life often seems to take on a pace all its own. We find ourselves in full "go" mode from the second our alarm rings. We gulp down our morning coffee that was programmed the night before. After all, who has the time to wait for it to brew with a zillion other things that need to get done before we race out the door?

As I write this blog, literally before the crack of dawn, I sense the clock tick, tick, ticking away. Time is moving on and I have so much more to do within the next thirty minutes.

Racing through life as if it is a mad dash to the finish life, (and nobody is more guilty of this than me), we miss many of its simple pleasures. We lose sight of the fact that living life is about people -- not "to do" lists.

We lose the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others because we get so caught up in our own. We inadvertently miss countless opportunities to "stop and smell the roses" as we hurriedly race through the garden of life.

Sadly, we risk losing the very purpose of life -- to build authentic genuine relationships with others!

We're all familiar with the expression:


Now imagine living your life displaying Intentional Acts of Kindness!


John C. Maxwell's new book: "Intentional Living" talks about making a difference in the lives of others. And it doesn't require a whole lot of time!


Maxwell describes acts of kindness as "intentional living". Living your life by intentionally incorporating small acts of kindness towards others. These intentional kind behaviors make people feel loved and appreciated, and the world a better place.

Intentionally holding the door open for others as you rush in and out of a store; calling a friend whom you've lost touch with just to say hello; letting the people you care about know how much they mean to you.

These deliberate acts of kindness are the types of behaviors John Maxwell talks about when describing the concept of intentional living.

When you intentionally live your life performing one act of kindness towards someone, they, in turn, will pay it forward.

Making the world a better place -- one intentional act of kindness at a time!

Be intentional and see what John C. Maxwell's "Intentional Living" has in store for you. Click this link now.