Owe Taxes this Year? You Could Win A Free JetBlue Flight

Because not everyone gets a refund.

Tax season is quite literally the worst time of the year.

Even for those who can expect a hefty refund, sorting out expenses and filling out paperwork on a deadline is not at all a fun experience. And for those who won’t see a check at the end of it all, the experience is even more miserable.

But JetBlue is trying to bring some levity to the whole affair.

The airline is launching a “Tax Return Return Flight” sweepstakes this year, giving away 1,000 free one-way flights to people who owe money. Winners will get a one-way ticket voucher for a domestic flight. The vouchers are good from May 1 to June 15, 2017, with Memorial Day blacked out. Entering requires filling out a few boxes on the JetBlue website.

“One of the things we’re seeing from the IRS is that 20 percent of Americans aren’t going to get a tax refund,” JetBlue spokesman Morgan Johnston told The Huffington Post. “So instead of planning for their vacations, they’re budgeting to pay their taxes.”

The sweepstakes opened to entries on Tuesday and will run until April 25, with daily random drawings every day over those two weeks. And for those who are curious, JetBlue won’t force someone to prove they’re ineligible for a tax refund. Johnston says that the company trusts their customers to be honest.

Because we should be kind to those who won’t get a refund this year.

JetBlue wants to make life a little bit easier by giving them the return they deserve,” Johnston told The Huffington Post.

Clarification: JetBlue initially provided incorrect information about when the vouchers are valid. The article has been updated to reflect the correct dates.