Paz De La Huerta Dishes On Her 'Very Comfortable' Sex Scenes With Dianna Agron In 'Bare'

In the upcoming film "Bare," Paz de la Huerta romances Dianna Agron, introducing her character to a world of "drugs, stripping and metaphysical experiences." Filming those scenes weren't easy, but according to de la Huerta, the actresses built their way up to it, allowing them to become completely uninhibited.

The "brilliance" of "Bare" writer and director Natalia Leite's work was casting completely different actresses, de la Huerta told HuffPost Live on Monday. "From the beginning of the shoot to the end of the shoot, to the point where we reached the sex scene, there was a natural [feel]."

Filming the intimate scenes at the end allowed the two stars ample time to bond and connect with one another, enhancing their performances.

"By the point we got to the sex scenes, there was a simpatico," de la Huerta recalled. "We got to know each other more, and there just was more understanding and peace, and so it was very comfortable."

Catch "Bare" at the Tribeca Film Festival, playing through April 26.

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Paz de la Huerta