PBS Hacked Again By LulzSec In Retaliation For WikiLeaks Documentary


PBS was hacked again by a group retaliating against the network for a "Frontline" documentary about WikiLeaks.

The group, LulzSec, has previously hacked the accounts of some Fox employees. On Sunday, the group hacked into PBS' Newshour website and posted a story claiming that Tupac Shakur was still alive and living in New Zealand.

LulzSec acknowledged that it had hacked PBS in response to a documentary about WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning, the person who allegedly leaked to WikiLeaks and whose imprisonment has become a source of international controversy. WikiLeaks had complained about the documentary, saying it was biased against the organization.

PBS has been trying to combat the hack, but LulzSec has been following its every move and continually defacing the network's pages. On Monday, the "Frontline" website was hacked at least twice--once when the show tried to issue a statement about the hacking.

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