P.C. Air's Transsexual Flight Attendants Head To The Skies (VIDEO)

In January, Thai airline P.C. Air made headlines for their plans to employ transsexuals as flight attendants.

The airline's CEO, Peter Chan, had previously stated that the desire for equal rights fueled his decision to employ what the airline will call "third sex" flight attendants.

About 100 transsexuals applied for the jobs, including a former beauty pageant winner. Only four were hired.

Chan told reporters at the time that being a transsexual was hardly necessary to fill the position, but that he valued the applicants' ability to speak the language clearly and provide good customer service.

One transsexual in flight attendant training told Reuters there was "more pressure" for transsexual flight attendants as "people will be watching to see if [we] will be able to do this job."

Chan told Reuters that the transsexual application process was more difficult than that for non-transsexuals, as they have to "spend the whole day with them to make sure they have feminine characters."