Liberal Group Ad Recalls When Obama Said Bush Tax Cuts Offended His Conscience

Liberal Group Uses Obama's Words Against Him In New Ad

WASHINGTON -- Even as it gets members of its party in line on the Hill, the Obama White House continues to take veritable punches from some of its most vocal critics over the tax cut deal it cut with Republicans.

On Thursday, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee -- perhaps the biggest irritant this administration has -- put out the second straight ad accusing the president of capitulating on tax cuts for the wealthy.

Like the last one, the spot uses Obama's own campaign rhetoric (lofty even by 2008 standards) against him, with footage of the then-candidate proclaiming that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy -- as part of a larger economic philosophy -- "offend[ed]" his "conscience."

Curiously, PCCC is airing the ad in Indiana -- a setting that would, seemingly, have fewer receptive eyes than a more traditional Democratic state. But the strategic reasoning is simpler than reaching a like-minded audience. Indiana is the spot where Obama gave the campaign address that PCCC uses. It also houses a few Democratic House members whose votes the organization is targeting.

The spot will run both in that state (the Indianapolis and Evansville markets) and D.C. (MSNBC and CNN) starting this Friday and through early next week, a PCCC official tells the Huffington Post.


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