Peace Is Present in Each Moment

Peace Is Present in Each Moment
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Peace is an energy that's in harmony with all things, even when we are not aware of it. It's present in each and every circumstance. Even in a disturbing or troubling situation, you can become attuned to the vibration of peace. Peace is a natural state. It's what you hear in the silence, past the disturbance. So listen for the peace that's present within an occurrence, rather than what's calling for your attention through loudness or conflict.

If you're attuned to the againstness or difficulties in any situation, you may miss the sound of peace that is present in that moment. You may even declare that no peace is present because instead you're focusing upon the disturbance. But peace is present always. It's your choice to attune within to the peace.

The way I relate to peace is like breathing in and breathing out. If we allow ourselves to breathe naturally, there's peace. If we resist, if we don't fully breathe in or we don't fully breathe out, then there's an unnecessary interruption in that process. Perhaps we unwittingly choose disturbance rather than the peace that's naturally in our presence.

It takes discipline to learn how to come into a challenge or conflict and stay present with peace. A key is to appreciate with gratitude whatever you find. So begin each day by directing yourself in a consciousness of gratitude and remember to be thankful for all that comes your way for whatever is for your learning and growth as a being. Then during the day, if you're faced with a challenge that distracts you from that peace, remember to breathe, to move back into the awareness of the peace that is present.

If you find yourself in a state in which you feel that all is lost, you'll never be the same again, or you'll never be happy or laugh again, you can choose instead to look to your inner calm. Trust yourself, and move to the peace within. Each challenge is being presented for a reason. Breathe freely and ask within, "What am I to learn here?" And if it doesn't become clear to you, then you can in faith say, "Thank you" for the experience that contributes to your greater knowing. Trust that part of you knows peace towards all is present and available. Then respond to the situation as best you can, remembering that you can choose to attune to the presence of peace in each and every moment regardless of the circumstances.

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