Peace is Sexy!

What is Peace? A delicious, juicy state of existence that occurs within and without each of us. A ripe, verdant reality that is full of pure potentiality.


Peace is Sexy!


Peace is inspiring, exciting, expanding, titillating, and liberating.


It can be unexpected like the shiver induced by a cool mountain stream flowing between your toes or the low tones of a soft-spoken man.


Peace is the freedom to pursue the open creative state that occurs by being fully present in your authentic self. This comprehension of unlimited possibility can happen anytime, anywhere. Nothing is sexier than waking up every morning with the full knowledge that my life is what I decide it is. Is it getting hot in here?


Many of us ask ourselves the question;

How can I bring about change and make this world a more peaceful and loving place?  I vote, I try to be the best person that I can be, and yet the world seems to be more violent and scary than ever! All I hear about is terrorism, war, pollution, economic instability, and the lurid circus of our presidential campaigners.


Nothing is less sexy than waking up every morning feeling powerless and hopeless.


If this sounds like you, don't despair. You can feel the seduction of peace and change the world!


I recently watched the movie Our Brand Is Crisis with Sandra Bullock.  *Spoiler Alert* It’s about a politician that hires a campaign manager (Sandra Bullock) to resurrect his campaign. The campaign manager comes up with the brand of “Crisis”. Tell the people that they and their country are in a crisis. Get the people afraid and angry. Then convince them that the only one that can fix this crisis is this particular politician.


This movie is fiction. But make no mistake, selling fear is what the mainstream media and our current politicians have done and are doing in the United States. Generating fear and hatred distracts and divides the populace and weakens the power of the people at a grassroots level. What an epic mood killer.


Both major parties are utilizing this tool. According to them, we should either be afraid of their opponent, the current administration, other countries, other people or all of the above! When we get angry and afraid, our heart rate goes up, and we feel a rush of energy that can be addicting. It is built into our DNA and was important because it kept our ancestors alive when being charged by hippopotamuses. Being constantly outraged and indignant does not help us live longer anymore. It causes stress, depression, bitterness and a victim mentality.

-Hippos are still dangerous, though.


In the present day, there are two main problems with the fear-mongering media. 


  • The first one is that it is a Big Fat Lie. Here is the truth that the mainstream media doesn’t tell you. There is much MORE beautiful, kind, loving people and actions existing and happening in this world than there are negative. Yes, bad things happen but not nearly as often as the good things.


  • The second main problem is that it puts us in a state that creates more crisis, more fear, and more hatred. We then perpetuate the story over and over in our minds, lives, and then at a global scale. When we are in a state of fear we are manipulated into following what we perceive as the lesser of two evils.


When reading or watching the news keeping these two things in mind. 


  • They are mostly selling you the negative stories and suppressing of the inspirational truths and everyday acts of humanity.


  • Consider alternative news outlets that are independent of huge corporations, instead of the mainstream media, which only sensationalize what is in the best interest of said companies.


We have the power to reject the ultimatum of others limited perspectives and choose not to be influenced by fear.


If we want to get rid of war, poverty, hatred, pollution, etc., then we need to be focusing, celebrating, and perpetuating the opposite of that. We can then take part in the proliferation of all things good. 


Instead of despairing about how out-of-control the major polluting corporations are, focus on the 15-year-old inventor that has the plan to clean up litter in the world's oceans by 2020 and donate to his Kickstarter campaign.


Instead of feeling discouraged by the superficiality of popular culture, look to the celebrities that are buying land and making them bee sanctuaries. Subscribe to the magazines that empower young women instead of objectifying them.



These are the types of things that deserve our attention.  Instead, we marginalize these stories as fluff.  These elevating and game-changing stories should be front page news!


As much as sensationalized and outrageous fear draws us in and touches a primal part of us so does the infinite and delicious possibilities of peace! 



Peace is not an insipid white dove with a twig in its beak!


Peace is a sexy, juicy, exciting, and bursting with evocative possibility! We are creative creatures and peace creates space for inventors, artists, philosophers, entrepreneurs, and innovative businesses. Peace is happening all around us! It's a peace orgy!


Ask yourself, "What are some awesomely good things going on right now and who are the people doing them?  How do they inspire me? How can I celebrate these inspirational individuals or events?" Even if you don't have the answers to these questions right away just asking them will shift your perspective.


If you ask yourself these questions on a daily basis, your life will begin to change. Your health may improve. You will attract other inspirational people into your life. Your actions will take on a purposeful, passionate tone. You will turn into the very thing you are celebrating! You could get your sexy back!


Feel the love.


Heidi Tungesvick is Founder and Owner of Wild Velvet Wellness, Co-Owner & Assistant Editor at Crystal Connections Magazine.

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