'Peace Not Pieces'

A rickshaw emblazoned with the universal peace symbols in orange, white and red with "Peace Not Pieces" inscribed in bold, roams around the streets of the economic capital of the nation whose flag purposely includes a white stripe.

Pakistan's flag is a marker of the ideology on which the nation was founded-Islam. The white stripe itself speaks for the rights of those that live in a minority. Has this dogma been left to be studied for the purpose of simply clearing Pakistan Studies exams forgetting the aspect to bring these teachings to practicality?

The Constitution of 1973 clearly states equal and fair rights to all citizens of the Islamic republic of Pakistan. Why have we backtracked on the indubitable basis our country was founded upon? The founding father of this nation would have never imagined the citizenry to be in a state of incessant conflict. Each year the killing ratio on ethnic and sectarian basis speaks of the gloomy atmosphere that has enveloped the society we live in.

Those who kill in the name of religion, means peace have unfortunately long forgotten the essence of the teachings of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) who was sent as a Messenger for the entire mankind gave message of spreading love. Then why have we taken up killing those belonging to a sect different from ours?

Where did tolerance go? Is it only to be taught to others with the idea of actually putting it to practice simply left out?

How can the nation prosper if individuals are continuously at odds with each other? For the sum to progress it is the parts together that need to be functioning in unison.

Karachi, the metropolis that is home to multiple ethnicities be it a Baloch from the mineral rich province or a Punjabi from the riveting region that houses the historic galore of the mughals- Karachi is central to the most diverse ethnicities of all the provinces of the nation.

Major cities around the globe have hordes of ethnic groups living in them and those metropolitans are developed or are developing is because of the diversity they enjoy with each indigenous group reveling each others culture, religion and this what assists societies to grow.

Bombing gatherings on the basis of sect or burning down houses just because that place or credo is dissimilar to what your beliefs are is simply reason not enough to coerce your ideology or your belief on that someone. It is against ethics, against morality, against humanity and against Islam.

Endless discrimination leads to gaps in societies which in the long run prove hard to be bridged.

Fanaticism, be it on a religious or ethnic ground leads to failure in collective thinking. Once each individual thinks for his own self, the entire course for progress comes to a stall.

Realizing the need to come on a common platform has started spreading and awareness is being created by public service campaigns, Non-Governmental Organizations and even some multinationals have taken up the responsibility to disseminate the message to unite the public through various campaigns.

History is taught at every level so that the commonality learns from the past and tries not repeating what communities previously practiced. Change can only surface once each individual corrects his/her own self instead of finding fault in others' beliefs and rituals. Let us stay strong in our beliefs while tolerating each sect to proceed.