It's not going to happen here in the United States -- peace -- not in this coming year, not in my lifetime, or in many lifetimes.
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It's not going to happen here in the United States -- peace -- not in this coming year, not in my lifetime. I have to face the fact that no matter how many well-meaning cards I receive embossed with "peace," I still have a President, much lauded, for delivering one of the more forceful war-arguments ever as he picked up his ironic Peace Prize.

I have to face it that we are about to be delivered one of the more miserable health care giveaways imaginable, except if you compare it with the miserable giveaways, (hence massive bonuses and stock profits) already delivered to the richest and most cruel among us on Wall Street.

I have to face that not one substantive financial reform has been put into place; that what happened two Octobers ago will happen again; that it will be far worse this time because there won't be enough in our treasury for billionaire safety nets -- watch how "too big" fails. And I have to face the fact that global warming will continue unabated.

I will have to face all of this because, frankly, it's the only way to go -- to see the truth -- always -- face the truth -- then face another truth, which is that nothing good happens overnight, or even in a single lifetime or -- in many cases -- many lifetimes.

Bad stuff happen fast. Sure. Smash two World Trade Towers in a minute. Shock and awe a Third World Country in a week. March into Afghanistan with 30,000 new troops. Then what?

Exactly. Good stuff takes time. Lots of it. Plus patience. And wisdom.

For instance getting rid of legalized slavery (even as we now face economic slavery) or admitting that women have equal rights (even as we confront the grotesque sex trade) or really understanding that the world is round and infinitely complex and deserving near worship or that the germ theory is correct and then acting on it.

Real change (not the instantaneous kind in commercials or war) takes time and I want in on that change, however small my part.

So I'll take whatever excuse of a health care bill they come up with and keep right on attacking (peacefully). I'll take the next stock market crash (sadly) when the rich guys don't get away with it because there's nothing left in our treasury. I'll take the loss in Afghanistan, the collapse in Iraq (and the collapse in Iran too).

I'll take it all and keep right on moving -- one little ant doing his little bit among six billion other ants, because one day, you son's of bitches who talk peace and deliver war, who talk health and deliver illness, who talk good and do bad -- some day, mother f--ckers there will be peace on this planet -- real peace -- because time, real time, is on the side of evolution.

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