Peaceful Soup: My Recipe for Mindful Parenting

There’s no rules for raising children and parenting in a loving, kind way despite what your in-laws tell you. They can tell you to do this or do that or even say, “I can’t believe that you’re letting Johnny STILL sleep in your bed.” There’s no clear guidelines or clear ways to raise your kids. As we all know, everyone is doing the best that they can with the resources and the environment that they’re in. Some days are harder when you forget the lunches (and the homework!) and other days seem to fly by with smiles on your family and laughter in the hallways. So, in a world without hard and fast rules, how can you encourage an environment of peace and love in your home? What about a recipe to make peaceful soup at home?

Step 1: Throw Your Intention For Raising Your Kids Into The Pot. Think about what is the most important to you. Maybe it’s recognizing your children’s strengths every single day? To raise them in a kind and loving home? Know what your intention is while raising your children. My intention was to raise children who listened and followed their hearts.

Step 2: Add Gratitude for Everything They Are. Our children are who they are. Sometimes they might make us crazy or frustrated, of course! While making peaceful soup, add some appreciation for who they are and what they’re teaching you. Try to show some gratitude for things that society may view as a negative. Welcome your child’s wriggling and restlessness as a form of energy that allows him energy to play outside rather than a “failure to sit still.” By expressing gratitude for everything our children are, parents encourage children to be strong and confident.

Step 3: Forgive Yourself for Not Being the Perfect Parent. And keep doing this! I’m not the perfect parent, you’re not the perfect parent, no one is! By forgiving yourself, you show your child that it’s okay to make mistakes and model what it looks like to keep trying.

Step 4: Be Positive in Front of Them and Listen to Your Own Heart. Teach Them The Same. It’s important to show children how to make the best of certain situations. Being positive in front of children shows them how to be encouraging of themselves and others. In the same way, listening to your heart shows children how to listen to their own hearts. By believing in yourself, you show your child how to believe in herself. Doing this together as a family can allow for more peace, rather than more conflict.

Last Step: Sprinkle a Little Love on Top, Then Let It Simmer. It takes a lot of work to prepare the ingredients of intention, gratitude, forgiveness, and positivity for this peaceful soup. Not to mention the effort to include and add these ingredients into your life! So, after you’ve made this peaceful soup, let it simmer by allowing yourself to relax and give up any effort of trying. Add some love and sit back with your children in peace.

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