An American Drag Legend Opens About Her Journey To Authenticity

Peaches Christ is one of the most well-known queens outside of the "Drag Race" circuit.

One of the most well-known performers to come out of the American underground drag scene is featured in a new short film about the evolution of her identity and her persona as a performer.

Peaches Christ, née Joshua Grannell, has been a staple in the San Francisco drag scene for decades and is known around the world for both her drag identity and her work as a filmmaker.

In this short film by Nate Visconti and Jeff Dragomanovich, the queer icon opens up about the evolution of Peaches Christ and the function that drag has served in her journey to live as her authentic self. 

“Oftentimes when a character has gotten a certain level of notoriety, like Peaches has, you lose sight of the person behind the character ― and there is power in that, in totally immersing yourself in the performance,” Visconti told HuffPost. “But for me, something that makes drag so interesting and unique is that the character and the performer are often reflections of one another. I found getting to know the man behind the character helped make the character more real and more special for me.”

Check out the short film about Peaches Christ above and head here to learn more about the filmmaker.