'On Fleek' Viral Star Peaches Monroee Just Launched Her Own Hair Line

The teen is here to collect her coin.

The teen who popularized the phrase “on fleek” is looking to benefit from her viral fame by founding her own cosmetics line.

Kayla Newman, best known as Peaches Monroee, launched a GoFundMe in February to raise money to trademark “on fleek” and start her company. Now, Newman has developed On Fleek Extensions to sell wigs, sew-in extensions, closures, frontals and a variety of hair pieces that range in hair type. The company, which her mom will be helping her run, will also offer false lashes, edge control and other products, Newman told The Fader.

“Even though I should’ve been did this milestone years ago, timing is everything. I feel like this is the time for me to shine, prosper, and show the world my business side,” the 19-year-old said in a statement to the magazine. “I am very much grateful for the support people have been showing me. It’s not about who is still saying ‘fleek,’ it’s about me making my own business out of it. Now it’s time for the world to get on fleek by me. Hahaha!”

Newman gained internet fame in 2014 when she uploaded a clip in which she says, “We in this b***h. Finna get crunk. Eyebrows on fleek. Da fuq.” The video gained millions of views and “on fleek” quickly became a viral sensation. The phrase was used by celebrities and companies who profited off of “on fleek” by using it in their music and marketing. But Newman was never compensated.

In March, Newman told Teen Vogue that she was creating her line not only to get credit for the cultural impact she’s made, but also to promote inclusivity in the beauty industry.

“I want to send a message that everyone can enjoy makeup and be ‘on fleek,’” she said. “I want people to use my products and feel good about themselves. I would consider that to be my impact on beauty.”



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