Peaches Discusses Queer Identity With HuffPost Live

If you've never heard of Peaches before, you've been missing out.

This gender-bending, transgressive musician emerged out of the Electroclash scene with the likes of Fischerspooner, Adult and Legowelt around the turn of the millenium -- and she's never lost her edge in her music or performances. Known for her sexually explicit lyrics, Peaches has consistently and implicitly challenged traditional notions of gender and sexuality throughout the course of her career.

Peaches, who has long been associated with both queer music and identity, stopped by HuffPost Live yesterday and discussed, among other things, what being queer means to her now that she lives with a male partner in Berlin. The musician told HuffPost Live, "Queer should include all of that and include what you need to be -- or who you need to be. I don't have a problem with being queer... I should be able to choose who I want to be with also."

Peaches is currently promoting her new concert film "Peaches Does Herself," an electro rock opera stage show that chronicles the life and legacy of the artist.

To watch the whole HuffPost Live interview and for a sneak preview of "Peaches Does Herself" click here.



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